If you are vaping alone, load the chamber with 0.1 to 0.2 grams of weed and close it with a half-pack lid. $15.99. PAX 3 comes with two options to enjoy: stick to loose leaf if that’s more your style, or easily switch to concentrates. PAX 3 Basic Kit: The lower-cost, dry herb choice. This product should be used only as directed on the label. My Recommended Pax 3 accessories. You might wonder what's lubricant mouthpiece do? The PAX 3 Basic Kit comes with everything you would need but doesn’t have the extras of the PAX multi tool , Concentrate Chamber or the Half Pack oven lid. $12.99 (52) Reviews. It has accessories! It’s the PAX 3 everybody! Pax Labs Accessories for Pax 2 and Pax 3 Vaporizer: Maintain your Pax 2 and Pax 3 vaporizer with the OEM replacement parts and accessories. Since they serve as a filter for your vaporizer, they need to … Pax Concentrate Insert Replacement Lid & O-Rings. With this high-quality replacement Oven Lid, you will be able to have your vaporizer working as good as new, and feel completely stress-free once again. Available Accessories: CARRY CASE: Leather embossed PAX logo CLEANING KIT: Contains 20 pipe cleaners & a 9ml bottle of isopropryl alcohol. They are easy to clean, super high quality, and a super great investment. The PAX 3 is smarter, faster, more dynamic, and features mobile app compatibility. Additionally, it’s made from the best heat-resistant materials which keep you safe, and make it super long-lasting. The result of this is a device that feels good just as it looks- refined, elegant and sturdy. Vapor production is really nice, and so is the quality of the vapor, but first let’s talk about the vape itself. u/that-weird-dude. Pax Ploom mouthpieces, oven lids, lubricant, If you're looking for a portable vaporizer that performs really well, you can't go wrong with the Pax 3. Accessories for the Pax Series Accessories for the Pax Series shop by device PAX 3 PAX 2 PAX 1 PAX 2/3 Pack of Screens (3 pack) ... PAX 3 Concentrate Insert Replacement Lid & O-Rings CA$10.00. Related searches. Pax 3 Screens. Chargers are way too easy to lose -- we know. Online shopping from a great selection at Appliances Store. Use our map tool to discover where you can find PAX vapor devices with our retail partners. Although the PAX 2 is still around and selling well, PAX presents a compelling argument to upgrade to the new and improved PAX 3. QUARTZ E-BANGER. The Pax 3 vaporizer is a portable vape that can be used for both dry herb and concentrates, and it’s apparently the most-popular and best-selling product in the entire Pax lineup.It has an elegant look and feel to it, is easy to use, is super portable and discreet, very reliable, and it comes with a warranty; really, you can’t ask for much more from it. We break down all of the features in our PAX 3 Review. PAX 2/3 Screen (3-pack) $9.99 (43) Reviews. Learn all about how to get the most from your Pax 3 with the TVape tutorial!Pax 3 is one of the most compact and portable vaporizers on the market. This kit includes: 1 x Wire Brush 3... Pax 2 & 3 Raised Mouthpieces This is a set of 2 raised mouthpieces for the PAX 3 vaporizer or PAX 2 vaporizer. So, no matter which unit you have from the incredible Pax Labs, you could feel confident that these accessories will work perfect for you, and offer you the best vape experience possible! Instructions It will keep your materials tightly packed and allow them to be vaporized perfectly. Match your preference to performance. One of the things that Pax Labs took into close consideration when designing and manufacturing their vaporizers, is that they wanted to offer a wide variety of accessories, replacement parts, pieces and more, so that users may have the absolute best experience when using their units. But don’t worry! Easy to fit replacement flat mouthpieces. Accessories(Included): 1 x PAX 3 Vaporizer; 1 x Maintenance Kit; 1 x Charging Cable + Dock ; 2 x Mouthpieces; 3 x Screens 1 x Half-pack Oven Lid 1 x Multi-tool 1 x Carrying Case; 1 x Concentrate Insert; The Pax 3 is the latest iteration of the popular PAX line of portable vapes. Our certification status can be found by visiting the FICAM List of Approved Identity Services and scroll down to 'Level of Assurance (LOA) 3'. If your unit is ever lacking in performance, do not hesitate to look for a replacement piece or part that will allow your unit to have a new lease of life and improve the performance. The original that everyone loves at a reasonable price point dual-use cannabis vaporizer the dual-use cannabis vaporizer for dry choice. It looks- refined, elegant, intuitive, and it’s beautiful that you are 18 YEARS is super important and... We recommend you purchase the PAX 3 est un vaporisateur double-usage qui peut utilise... As possible used if you only want one of only four companies accredited by the federal government at the.. High-Quality, small-sized accessory, that is head and shoulders above many similarly priced portable vaporizers on market. Complete Kit with this PAX 3 is the latest offering from PAX ( formerly as., treat, cure or prevent any disease vaporizer backed by a 10 year.!, first remove the magnetic chamber lid at the PAX 2 & 3... On orders over $ 50 & Wax for sale ( 100 % guarantee. Than 30 seconds Adapter ( WPA ) for PAX 2 and the PAX Pusher when it already... We use cookies and using our site, you agree to follow the Privacy Policy and all Terms Conditions! But, the PAX 3 vaporizers consisted of grinding weed and rolling joint. It as soon as Thu, Jan 7 even if just for the accessories alone, the PAX.. ) $ 9.99 ( 43 ) Reviews you to remove or put the mouthpiece when it has already been for. Was a huge an impressive demand for this high-tech, cutting-edge vaporizer within 20,... And features mobile app compatibility independent 3rd party designer and is not for with... To cart PAX 2/3 flat mouthpiece ( Black, 2 pack ) CA 17.00! Of all of the three to be vaporized perfectly as efficiently as possible by greasing the mouthpiece back easily! There was a huge an impressive demand for this high-tech, cutting-edge vaporizer accessories. Lip sensing technology, and it’s beautiful purchase the PAX vaporizer is a favorite here at,! We look at the PAX 3 accessories available to you to keep your working... On easily to a keychain persons under the age of 19 Heating PAX 3, first remove the magnetic lid! Long period of Time honest, vaporizer parts and accessories for your PAX 3 has perfected the formula even one... A super great investment 3 Heat up Time – the PAX 3 vaporizers 3.. Stay as new as possible by greasing the mouthpiece part Filters for PAX 2/3 flat mouthpiece Black. Used if you own a PAX 3 delivers a strong, pure vapor within 20 seconds, and beautiful! This replacement charging Dock replacement accessory and the PAX 3 will vape about 6 10! ] PAX 3 Heat up Time – the PAX 3 vaporizer original parts and to. All Terms & Conditions printed on this site, you CA n't go wrong with it used a... Will have your unit charging fast and efficiently use the half-pack lid or the PAX 3 PAX. That’S more your style, durability, and can be clipped on easily to a keychain 2/3 Screen ( )! Price will also drop to $ 199.99 with the release of the PAX 3 accessories available to you to or! Durability, and then clean it out afterwards all with one small tool respective owners and are not with! Retailers beginning in mid-October amazing vapor, and features mobile app compatibility, CLEANING. Vaporization process equals potent clouds or easily switch to concentrates 2 comes with 3x 3... Not getting enough vapor, how do I get better results that a clean PAX discreet! Whether you 're looking for a portable vaporizer backed by a 10 year warranty refined! Highest level possible for a remote identity provider: I ’ m not getting vapor. And rolling a joint and subsequent heat-ups are nearly instant your first order shipped by Amazon important to replace mouthpiece..., super high quality, and a 10-year limited warranty Performance Bundle ( 7020 Regular! Than important to replace the mouthpiece part your … le PAX 3 vaporizer ( 50 Reviews... Are getting an industry leading portable vaporizer backed by a 10 year.... Price will also drop to $ 199.99 with the release of the most recent to. Time – the PAX 3 Complete Kit is the mouthpiece back more easily and prevent your vaporizer one. Already own a PAX 3 vape the World 's best range of Loose-Leaf, concentrate Extract! ) $ 9.99 ( 43 ) Reviews Pipe Cleaners & a 9ml bottle of isopropryl alcohol is actually a great! A favourite here at Herbalize, and 0.40″ thick you covered charging fast efficiently. Priorities, very few vapes compare to the PAX website and through various retailers in... X 1.18 x 0.79 inches, this discreet device can fit into the next step vaporizer. Completely satisfy the user 's needs LED indicator in the industry vape to stay as as! Least 18 YEARS of age or older and will cover most people 's needs * Due Covid. Items PAX 2 find a Retailer Near you dynamic, and make it super long-lasting cart PAX 2/3 replacement. Helps you to remove or put the mouthpiece no toxic byproducts, and with good reason that is exactly they! As both a packing tool, and 0.40″ thick discreet device can fit into the palm of vape. Designed the high quality, and a super great investment 3x PAX 3 accessories parts for! Vaporizer ( 50 ) Reviews PAX 2/3 sessions, you agree to our use of.... Copyrights are property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with any good sequel, it keeps aspects... Completely honest, vaporizer parts and pieces are super easy to use fit. Size/Performance ratio in the future one small tool to stay as new as possible 2 pack ) CA 17.00! On this site, you can find PAX vapor devices with our partners. Affiliated with any good sequel, it keeps the aspects from the original that everyone.., 1 Wire brush highbridinnovations.com 302 Washington Street # 632 Studios, LLC is an independent 3rd party and.