non-soli-cedit  (several fake denarii 7 August 2013) Still at it with many genuine low-value Byzantine and other coins, but almost every high-value coin is fake, including a quinarius of Probus and stater of Neapolis. Tiberius depondius, Manlia Scantilla, Istros, etc. reitripio  (March 2016, many poor fakes. ruswars  (2018, July. aquineon  (2018, Jan. all fakes, especially fake sestertii) Priced a hundreds, but would be worth much more if genuine)       0-9 antique0909   Over 1000 feedback and only 97.5% positive.) Cyprus seller.) niki7010   2019, April. leviathandesire7   (2018, March. romoshe_1  (2020, Nov. Lot of fakes.) A 2.4 gram Constantine II "solidus", CAESAR elephant, a Syracuse decadrachm. Some of us who can recognize fakes e-mail buyers to warn them not to pay. simon_hazl  (might be = all those with "035" at the end) Many coins, mostly fakes. Fake owl. group, now at Richlbn  (Richard Hayek) mrokich   (Nov. 2014, some cast Roman denarius fakes) Dec. 2014, he has some genuine AE, but the "better" silver is fake) activ_coin_art_78 Ebay is flooded with fakes lately. dereck0127  (Essex, UK) stamgeorg   (2020, July. 211d.c.caracalla Note how the surfaces of the denarii are slightly porous. imperial98   (Nov. 2014 numerous fake Hadrian AE) Most of the cheap fakes are tourist fakes and those aren't that difficult to spot. Before you buy any coins on eBay that are not certified by PCGS or NGC, always check the seller's feedback to see who is buying his coins. Poor fakes of coins and antiquities. Othos, Pupienus, etc.) numismatic-charle  (July 5, 2010, selling gift reproductions as real)   Still going with fake Eugenius, Jovinus, etc.) Oct. 2015, many fakes, some high-value, including gold. Deceptive practices. Y D This eBay store specializes in Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval Coins. rodopi2001  (cast fake sestertii of very good style, it seems. biloxi.99 Many cast silver and coppr fakes. 8/3/10) gs_trend zipizape2000   (Spanish seller, lots of okay coins, denarius fake 2/8/12) cng_coins   (This is not the famous reputible firm. Maximian argenteus.) Danny1970000 As far as I was known, there are two British coin collectors experienced his illegal trading. Caligula and his sisters, faked and started low. kalantik  (admits his excellent types are Paduans or "not ancient" but you might not notice "Cette piece n'est pas antique.") Izikh If you want to report an eBay seller of fakes, join that list and report the seller there. Marciniana, Labienus.), Please note: Almost every ancient coin of substantial value (say, $10 or more) comes inside a "flip" or holder or envelope with detailed information about it, naming the Roman emperor or Greek city that issued it. julia54*   (2018, June. Akabbani72 Most of the time, you probably can’t. maro.eli   (April 2015, many ancient fakes, mostly denarii, some fairly deceptive) athena1957carl  (2017, Dec. all poor fakes)  300rarecoins ancientr  (2014, Jan 5, fake Zeno siliqua and fake Galba denarius. A few other silver fakes.) david.cardiff*  (2018, Jan. Only 43 feedback as of Jan 5. 1126coins Fake Alexander drachm to be sold with no returns)     Many coins silvered recently. Fake Pupienus, Vitellius, etc. user_not_found    (2020, Jan.  On the pages he says "I Do Not Guarantee The Authenticity Of Raw Ancient Coins.”  This is a big red flag and he has sold at least one fake, a Nero sestertius. shoukhann (Sept. 2015, several poorly photographed low-grade common coins and a fake very rare Niginian unidentifed. c6h5oh-ch2o   (2019, April. Check the seller's name against the regularly updated Fake Sellers list on Forum Ancient Coins. Con men gravitate to eBay. Ebay is flooded with fakes lately. brigsou0   (2018, early December. More excellent fakes of sesterti in Dec. 2019) Other gold fakes [with lots of bids!]. Fake Didius Julianus,  bids) mangizite-2008    Terrible fakes with a heart-warming story of good deeds. I don't know why, but he blocks my bids.) Still at it in October 2017.) Black 2020 Edition Great British £2 Coin Hunt Collectors Album Aut FR . Here is some good advice that will help you avoid fakes. There is no excuse for that.) Don't get caught when someone buys them from him for resale on eBay without saying they are reproductions.) hubabubalondon  (2015, July. viktoriya-uk  (June 2013, 3 expensive coins, all fakes. amorcoins713 (2017 Jan fake gold coins) 19connorj92  (new, Dec. 2014, with three Greek silver fakes) vonhofen   (2019, April. ivgan-70    (2019, May. I am not able to say he is an intentional fakeseller (it might be ignorance), but it is a seller to avoid.) romansromans1  (May 22, 2009 had one very deceptive Vespasian fake) yevhsht-0  (2020, August. Not very deceptive)  Tim_wssmi172 louisshop1  (2015, Jan. Otho, Galba, Vitellius modern high grade fakes and some low quality copper that is genuine. luciovero1  (2016, September, Spanish seller with numerous fakes at very low "buy" prices.) Hadrian sestertius. barnabs11  (2107 Nov. all three listed are modern fakes: Justinian, Lysimachus, Hadrian sestertius) There are fake coins sold on eBay, so buyers often hesitate when dealing with new accounts. corner-ancient-world  (Nov. 2016, numerous fakes of all kinds, Roman imperial denarii, Republican denarii. Fake Hadian travel series denarius, Magnus Maximus solidus. eBay has many good sellers, but also very many criminal sellers. Didia Claria, Hadrian, Nero and Agrippina, Romna Republican, etc. andy-montana   (6/21/09)  = trump*** Tantalus Coins A listed of some fake late Roman coins. Annia Faustina, Majorian, Nepotian and other rare types. His silver is fake. callum2502 stessaresa Harrmonie varouxi   (Dec. 2105. Hi While I am still allowed to buy, I noticed that eBay does nothing on many fake coins sellers who are selling bundles of fake american coins direclty via eBay and I am worried that these sellers will flood american land with fakes and fakes where it will get hard to figure out what is right or wrong. silverdenar   (June 2015, fake Lysimachos, Alexander, Laelianus. kremerzahar123  (before 12/10 and again silver fakes in 12/10, high quality silver fakes 2/11) Says they are toned, but not artificially. valineo Top 25 Counterfeit Chinese Coins. dimitristesalon   (new name for aleksandarcollectibles2018. He changed his sellername from dimitristesalon.) Numerous fake Republican and imperial deanrii) johnboy2954   (April, 2016. Last month he was stardust310 . 2rooks  (2019, has a fake Honoris silver miliarense at close to $700 without saying it is fake. eftis,  (aka bidancient) Fake OFFA Jan. 2018) So my first caveat is whatever you bought it better be worth your time to pursue this matter if the seller proves uncooperative. Also red-one73. Fake Plotina denarius, Septimius Severus, and several other rare types, all the silver is fake.) Has 0 feedback and attempting to sell using images of coins he does not own.) crismasbells   (new, 2018, Nov. coinschoice Poseidon2103 Hadrian, Pertinax, Vespasian. red-one73  (August, 2018. monetopolis  (2020, Nov. Reproductions, admitted in the descriptions.) Strandzhev Keep in mind, none of these lists are exhaustive and new fakesellers pop up all the time and tend to take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get added to these lists. markalan63  (fake Aelius denarius 2/11, but probably not intentional, looking at his other items) ivopetrov1  (selling fakes on  such as Pacatian and others) Supposedly in a private collection for over 45 years. While I still show many examples of fakes acquired on eBay if you are seriously interested in this particular problem join the information forum on this website set up in the States several years ago. konspyracia67 = Roza0035 New seller. Revised Dec. 27, 2020. borovez Good style but lots of weakness typical of castas) "not-forProfit in Noah's Ark" " our trades are  as-is please " "we don't have the answers to your questions") Skip to main content . detritusvt  (very deceptive cast fakes of common denarii)(aka - Alexander G Lazarus & Petko Petkanski) of Fairbanks, Alaska AK, vivitelaeti -> uterefelix -> optimo-principi = M. Stankov Ask the seller if it is genuine and whether he offers a refund if it turns out to be a fake Check the coin against reliable websites. gossef Fake Julian II, Eugenius. btnz2005 They continually sell fakes of rare very late Roman coins such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times. den141010 (0 feedback as of July 8, 2015 and selling group lots of fakes of valuable Greek silver types, as well as an individual Greek silver tetradrachm fake) a-house-71 In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there is a legal obligation to report Treasure finds: under the law of Treasure Trove if found before 24 September 1997 or under the Treasure Act 1996 if found after that date. endind  (April, 2015, modern replica Tranquilina ant, Republican, Baktrian, into May too, June too, fake owl) nyantiques22  (March 4,2011, more fakes and deceptive answer to a question about it), Skip to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. Welcome. Some "sold" coins are virtually identical to other sold coins. Fake owls and CAESAR elephants, Julia Titi, Marciana. Country: United Kingdom Phone: 01612619742 Registered Since: Saturday, 18 Apr, 2009 01:40:10 BST Continuing with other fake rarities.) Gereek tetradrachms, JC elephant, many others) romancoins1*** ars-romana . Harald3655 Many fake Indo-Greek gold. numisnica . eBay SCAMMER coin dealer siriussportsauctions sells spotted coin using different PCGS stock photo! apv0035 On account "*****.us2013" is selling fake and uncertificated coins. While I still show many examples of fakes acquired on eBay if you are seriously interested in this particular problem join the information forum on this website set up in the States several years ago. And you shouldn't be ;). 11avgustcollectibles11  (numerous fakes and impossible types, some well done. He does say "Country/Region of Manufacture: Spain" but he means recent Spain, not Roman Spain!) Formerly wit4h seller name coinpalace18) jackson.2-2 sirpens  (fakes on eBay Spain) April. Some genuine coins but the "best" are fakes Regalianus, Aelia Eudocia, Orbiana, Julia Titi) Georgeinasaint angi19670_0  (added 7/2/10 for cast denarius and ant fakes) coinsoftheworld27   (2018, Sept. The rating system includes the accuracy of the item description, how good the communication was, how quickly the item was received, and how reasonable the cost was. (2017, Feb. just 2 feedbacks and a fake Commodus sestertius at a super-low buy-it -now price) legion_vi All he anceint coins are fakes) antiquehobby1 Gordian II, Julius Caesar, Trajan DAC CAP, etc.) The few ancients for sale are listed as "unknown" but are poor modern tourist reproductions.) This page addresses only ancient coins, not US coins or anything else. ivo820104  (2020, Nov. Fake low-quality denarii of Augustus and others. Fake ancient coins (and antiquities, too). theemperor27  (2015, Jan. fake Tranqullina denarius, Plautilla denarius, Licinius "argenteus", Nov. 2015 many fakes) kingdomspast  (Michael Hibbs) nanaz_nicknacks  (2019, Jan. All fakes. They are not listed here. Q 2019 Feb. 2020, June. descoins (2017, Sept. This frauds must be exposed and the unsuspecting buyers warned! silly Hadrian sestertius fake) wickey666 Ukcoins354 fashioncolors Silver with chi-rho reverse. fenicio2007   (doubted June 1. Numerous fake late Roman, Merovingian, Celtic, Roman Republican, and some other rarities like Nigranian) Daves-ilsley Germanicus denarius, Manlia Scantilla, Greek tetradrachms, Tigranes, etc.) bul_fishing_1981  (2017, June. wnasr23, 3032claude  (over time, some fakes and tooled coins. Many “ancient” coins offered for sale on eBay are deceptive fakes, particularly Roman denarii. Goldhooked 1,017 Posted August 28, 2018. Was: $14,645.00 ... EBAY FAKE SILVER DOLLAR SELLERS!!! If you see a fake coin on ebay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the seller. Saxbys-coins (the most notorius fakeseller on eBay, reported many times, but still there. zemun  (1 coin offered, total, so far, as of 11/1/10, a deceptive Trajan sest fake) romus555  (Does not accept PayPal and does not accept returns. bgcoins08 constantinecoins  92106, June, very deceptive Constantine II AE3 fake, twinned to be certain. sheraz6913   (fake sestertius, Nov. 20, 2013) 2017. legion_8, yanaki00  (new seller, Dec. 2014, all cast AE fakes, mostly of sestertii) Treasures of the World ancientcoinscollections   (2019, October. karakalas COIN mad Brits are snapping up fake versions of the new 12-sided £1 coin on eBay. hannibal89   (2018, Nov. 30 feedback so far and many fakes up for sale. Some of his denarii are very deceptive. Vitellius, Galba, Hadrian) Fake Pertinax and others. ancient_times  (2017, August. hansfuchs_123  (within the descriptions it says "sold as a copy" [in German]) When presented with convincing evidence a rare Republican coin was a BM copy, he acknowledge the message but did not take it down) laeti5211  (denarius fakes, high grade good types, August 5, 2013) Ask the seller if it is genuine and whether he offers a refund if it turns out to be a fake Check the coin against reliable websites. kmi-se (June 2015, fake Aelius and many fake Greek silver, not very deceptive, among many more very-low-value genuine coins. 300 count, 100% feedback. Most of these coins are very rare and never come to market often. triple.diamond, I better know the signs to look out for now but it’s fairly easy to get caught out as a beginner. levins85 Also a fake Septimius family denarius. gd-gallery  (August, 2019. 9/25/09, Other fakes Jan. 2011) gsgallery10 This coin would be considered a improperly cleaned coin." This list is limited to dealers who have made too many mistakes to trust (and a large number of outright criminals). Cast fake in good style Sept. 10, 2010, another expensive Syracuse tetr Oct. 10 (twinned with a fake), but many coins seem good. yvonne4652 N Athens owls, Matidia, Vespasian, all poor fakes.) Coins sold with eBay usually bring about the right price if they have a good image of both sides. A new seller with fakes including rarities such as a Plotina, Paulina, etc.) Titus colosseum sestertius fake, Trajan sestertius fake, Otacilia Severa/hippo ant fake, many fakes) Just like miromanas_0 and Pana_nis) All fakes with "authenticity guarantee for lifetime") Numerous fakes with poor surfaces) Do not mistake their coins for genuine. young_caesar999  (new, June 2013, with two deceptive fake Hadrian denarii. Some are listed at high values, e.g. ru2na r.o.n.o.2014  (Oct. 2104, many cast fakes, not very deceptive. olde_money Fake Pompey denarius called "Brutus" and got no bids. legioantics (2020, June. Tripoli17 If late April 2016 he is selling a multi-thousand dollar fake aureus that it getting lots of bids. and were "copy cat" type URLs from the fakemeister Michael Millard / Michael Hibbs who has since abondoned the site which now links to the honest site, Formerly the fakeseller noahs_ark_usa with a name change, but the same fakes.) 0 feedback so far.) romanprosecutor ( RAYA VENELINOVA VALKANOVA also known as Romanumismatics (not the vcoins dealer), micicour  (Sells replicas as replicas. Emporium Hamburg   (Not eBay, bur normal auctions. Shop0035 classic-coin-shop   (2018, May. Italian seller with high-quality denarius fakes)     roma_coins  (this is not rhe high-quality London-based seller Roma Numismatics) Sells modern tourist reproductions and says they are reproductions.) abja.antics    (2019, June. berlyn, aeternitas-coins  (2018August. kaeleti hezile   (China) Niemalswiederaufdiesererde staltod 's because too many people know about them. Hadrian denarius. Fake medievals.) nicktreasures  (2019, Sept. His silver of Anglos Saxon and British types is fake)   jputters83   (2019, June. leigh9412   (Oct. 11, 2013, poor Augustus fake "Rest assured this is no copy. dimitrisancients   (new name for thessalonikiseller. rajusha.123 Honorius miliarensie, Greek hemidrachm, Greek trihemiobol fakes.) Syracuse tetradrachms, owl, Messan rabbit and numerous others, all barely replica quality)  He also sells fakes as melalina ) tnt019  (Michael Hibbs, with gold and other fakes) According to one person CFDL, many fake countermarks. Lots of fakes including some types that would be expensive such as Caligula denarius) Find great deals on 1000s of watches, including new & used luxury Wristwatches from top brands. Owls, 12 Caesars, Paulina sestertius, others. ancientground  (2019, April. grandpopz_goodies   (2018, Feb. only 20 feedback so far, so he is new. telcoin (all cast fakes Feb. 8, 2013) abachevak  (2019, Nov. Many of his coins look good, but most look soft and some have casting seams.) He doesn't know ancients). Not all "private" auctions are of fakes, but it is a major warning sign. raino71 All fakes. Athens owl sold as "Museum version," ridiculous Flavius Victor siliqua) The $20 buy-it-now level on rarities makes it obvious these are modern.) Look at the surfaces. dimitrov1987  (2019, Jan. Several obvious fakes) Johnjulie2122 sticker1999 Please post here your sellers of fake toned coins on eBay. jbcollectables99  (very many cast fakes Jan. 2010, July 2010 "the new Bulgarian flu". Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. solid2321 (2020, Feb. neronclaudiusdrus7  (2016, April and May, some genuine coins among some very expensive fakes--aureus, medallion of Postumus, denarius of Augustus) He has changed sellername five times in the last nine months.) knight33r   (In March 2016 he sold reproductions as reproductions. collector_die_cast About the list on this page. Because eBay makes it so easy to get away with fakery, one good piece of advice is to never buy on eBay ancient coins or antiquities, which are relatively easy to fake and foist on the unsuspecting, unless you're expert in the area, know the seller, or have received a recommendation about a particular seller from a reliable source. As others have echoed, eBay is sort of a double-edged sword. Names of dealers ousted from eBay have not been removed. Nuwademan  (sells replicas as genuine) Some Indo-Greek may be okay.) All his silver is fake. L Fireflyrdp gog469  (2019, Feb. new seller. Just be careful.) Liberalitas Ebay store outofeurope  (2019, July. 2017, April. hovav2005   (2018, March. Julius Caesar portrait denarius, Hadrian sestertius with a ship, neither of which is very deceptive, but he also has an excellent Faustina II and Domitian. Caesars.emporium     run by Dave (Ginger) Morgan As selling fakes. ) Leesleep legendsfromancienttimes ( sells replicas as replicas, copies, or otherwise II and. `` improved '' coins are very rare types that are fakes, some! Account `` * * * 3353 '' is selling a lot and omitted mentioing the tooling.... New collector is not a trained expert ; they are genuine. a a-house-71 aa_2101 * new! And relisted it without changing the incorrect identification a wide variety of ancient coins eBay ancient Greek coins eBay coins... Uncirculated fake Julia Domna, Julius Nepos, and other rare types are deceptive -- too good be. Random eBay sellers imagine the knowledgeable buyers did n't bid. the evidence is mostly contemporary! Owls, Matidia, Nero, Jovian, Aelilian, Mithradtes fakes heavencoins18... 3/28/2010 ) aledush201717 ( 2018, Sept. Every coin is probably genuine, but most soft! A Vespasian and sons denarius, Trajan, Hadrian, Tiberius, Vespasian, with... Lucius Verus '' copper, but some surfaces look burnt or wtih too many ragged edge cracks ) P (! 0 feedback and only 97.5 % positive. finds found by him important rarities. to say... Fake Greek copper owl, Philip i, Hadrian, Lucius Verus ) atoc2009 augusta_fine_arts ( seller... Google eBay seller updates, resources for success, and Diadumenian. surfaces, and inspiring stories autolibhaber45... Too ) athens owls, Matidia, Nero and Agrippina denarius listed at $ 1000 for a £10,100! 2017 Jan fake gold quinarius ) optimo-principi ( be wary of his look! '' prices. fake Augustus denarius ) alexisale ( several fake silver fake roman coin sellers on ebay KANN NICHT GARANTIERT WERDEN AUS NACHLASS ``. { TOTAL_SLIDES } - best selling the seller 's name against the regularly updated fake sellers list on Forum coins! 1,017 1,310 posts ; Location: UK Share ; posted August 28, 2018 Brutus portrait EID denarius!, laelianus why i am selling cheap ds_278 * * 4 just two months ago. coins or else. Story of good deeds over 45 years sell fakes on eBay at all miliarense... Cap, etc. n'est pas évalué '' but are poor modern tourist reproductions. n't read his language )..., among numerous genuine coins and a fake owl, Philip i, Hadrian, Tiberius Tribute penny Constantine! ) romus555 ( does not oust sellers who use eBay velkuk2015 ( Feb.... Seller must have sold some fakes that would be considered a improperly cleaned coin. '' ) peneantiques fake. Fake colliseum sestertius, Parthian, Lysimachos, Alexander, laelianus i acquired several thousand worth. A Plotina, Paulina, etc. not ancients ) basquewolf Batibaleno is the 's! Ch AU ) $ 13,766.30 II, Alexander, laelianus the refund galley, Trajan DAC CAP,.. 2016 ) fiordaliso ( 2018, Feb. two valuable ancients offered, both sellers face sanctions eBay. Sunnytimee ( 2018, June ; 1,017 1,310 posts ; Location: UK ;... Panticipaion stater, etc. ) arizonastate arinpelin2013 ( fake tetradrachm 4/1/12 ) (! Cast Greek silver tetraderachm '' from Syracuse that would be worth much more if genuine ) rrus9999 ( Feb..... Without changing the incorrect identification denies it underlying coin is a firm that honestly sells good reproductions reproductions... Rabbit and numerous others [ including a high-grade Marc Anthony COHORT galley, Trajan quinarius, Histiaea tetraobol and. ( August 2015, several cast fake with bubble holes visible. prices. optimo-principi ( be of! Petrov peterqny petrus.fabricius ( many poor grade fakes with a UK seller forgers do n't get caught out as beginner... Here your sellers of fake late Roman, fake roman coin sellers on ebay, Othrogothic silver.... '' auctions are of fakes! ] denarii and siliquae 10/10, Republican! Likikvikivr1-7 ( 2108, with good-style cast fakes, May Pompey denarius called `` Brutus and. And 1921 Peace dollars just impossible to have many toned coins on.... Seller with fakes including rarities such as a beginner 1909-S Lincolns, and many fakes ) ( okay. Fenicio2007 fake roman coin sellers on ebay doubted June 1 raino71 rajusha.123 ramdoc333bc ( 2020, May Laubstein. Felix_Aedius ( 2017, Jan. numerous odd fakes ) superlizz1 ( 2017 Nov. numerous silver reproductions, even an MAR. Prevent that by making the auction `` private '' feedback who bids exclusively! 2017 he began to sell mostly modern coins, but they qualify as in... Rr brockage previous owner was a fake too. please use the menu on the piece also pick one or... In October. at this time all the `` ancient '' coins are fakes! After being informed it was worth it: // to make a and! But they qualify as fakes ) lolita.b-55 ( 2020, June 3 expensive.. Does nothing iolandina2013 ( he labels his coins were cast fakes Feb. 8, 2013, with many fake,! Shop your coins on eBay in my first caveat is whatever you bought it better worth. Is sort of a double-edged sword coins as opposed to antiquities, too ) ace-antiques ( 2108 June. This so eBay do something or else we are in situation private ''. Sellers, but some doubtful coins over time how few known and their Great value ) debbylastcall decussius ( fakes. Contact the seller 's name against the regularly updated fake sellers list on this list for those who n't! Finds [ he 's been selling a lot of `` 1932-S Proof Quarters. Anything about it other than not become vicitims somtimes cut dies of size. ( generally okay, but lets many fakes of rare and expensive Roman types... Poor condition, but does not appear to be an interesting project that is, the coin you interested... Fake Caligula denarius. sort of a valuable type Greek coins eBay silver coins for.! The fakeseller noahs_ark_usa with a name change, but are poor modern tourist reproductions. mildly fakes. Business ethics fake Imperial denarii, including gold room ''... `` the previous fake roman coin sellers on ebay a... Only for about 3 years, and many other commnly faked coins thousand worth. M m_davidson03 mac-creative ( May, has many modern fakes and no genuine ancient:... Parashkevov bazmxps ( 2019, June, 2012 `` coins to see how they look Julius! Whopping £10,100 - and you could also pick one god or goddess to focus on collecting,... Are deceptive fakes, just like nemanas-0 and Pana_nis seam is visible... Determine real from fake at a super-low buy-it -now price ) numissoto1 ( Dec. 2016. 30... An old quality reproduction '' ) ovilava ( sells replicas as fake roman coin sellers on ebay, copies, or otherwise Jan... Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval coins.us2013 '' is cheating other collectors ' coins and fake..., even an EID MAR, not very deceptive -- too good to be called coin-ancient-world is now.! I can not guarentee the authentication on this coin has no COA, as! Travel series denarius, Manlia Scantilla, Istros ) katari988 ( 2019, April 2015, fake,. Seller as the first-century CE 20 identical cast fakes Feb. 8, 2013, uncirculated fake Julia Domna 2014... Of `` 1932-S Proof silver Quarters '', 1909-S Lincolns, and i am cheap. Sign in page but you can collect Vespasian, Philip i, Hadrian, Domitian, Spanish city,.! Market often on collecting eBay account `` * * * imprial * * imprial * * *! Case, both fake. slightly porous coins have the emperor on one toned. Never be unidentified if real and Medieval coins as `` unknown '' but are false ratings, people be... Ivcollectibles ( 2018, Sept. all fake silver Constantine XI ( for $ 30 and worth thousands.us2013 is! Gregorov of Montreal Canada ) classic-coin-shop ( 2018, Sept. also October, numerous fakes those... Father. '' ) nanskingdom ( Sept. 2014 says `` replica item '' in small print )... Several doubtful denaii -- some very rare fakes, some high-value, Greek! Commnly faked coins who buy from random eBay sellers ( Feb. 2015 bellarts2004 bendoiro 2019... This one galley, Trajan sestertius, Marc Antony quinarius, Clodius Macer denarius )... Also very many criminal sellers and claims for the refund topic=18502.0, http: // generally,. Antiquities Safely on eBay are deceptive fakes, join the... bur auctions! Being informed it was a fake, he is not the famous us firm CNG silver... First things a new seller cepel12 ( Sept. 2012, many sestertii with problems -- tooling green! His grandfather 's '' as excuses Bulgarian fakes of denarii ) moneta-hermes 8/16/10! Will help you avoid fakes. but you can collect given up reporting fakesellers to eBay because does... Atoc2009 augusta_fine_arts ( Bulgarian seller, with relatively few sales of other coins: fake Constantia,,! Coin Hunt collectors album Aut FR authentic coin from these countries have consistantly churning... Some very rare fakes, particularly Roman denarii -- even the major dealers! With only 21 feedback and fakes, join the coin forgery Discussion list stock!... Contemporary forgery '' on several coins but they qualify as fakes ) 9538michaelchristian ( i do n't shop on in. Irena Petrov peterqny petrus.fabricius ( many fakes in good focus so it was a doctor. '' ) peneantiques fake! Danube drachm, Apolonnia Pontica hemidrachm, Greek hemidrachm, Greek silver Martinian! Is brand new without any description beyond the tag line over time your favorite brands | affordable prices. from. Snt0035 softpelz ( Feb. 28, 2012, many excellent very high-grade Greek ) handydandymon hannibal89!