“Is Your Boston Terrier Potty Trained Enough?”, http://www.bostonterriersecrets.com/boston-terrier-house-training/is-your-boston-terrier-potty-trained-enough. Overall, the Boston Terrier sounds like a perfect family dog. Instead of breeding these dogs for a purpose, they were bred for looks. The Boston was bred to be a best friend, happy to do just about anything as long as he’s with his human family. The Boston Terrier is a visually distinct dog with large, sweet eyes, a “smooshed” face, a small to virtually-nonexistent tail, and energy that rivals that of a toddler with unfettered access to candy. Some dogs like to bark more than others. A Short History of the Breed. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This dog is very family-focused. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. That means they need more frequent “potty-breaks” than their larger canine counterparts, and aren’t a good choice for a pet if they’ll be left alone a great deal. Boston Terriers are known for being very intelligent sometimes too much so. + Get a coupon for 30% off a future order. A: Boston terriers are small-to-medium dogs, and come with a stomach, digestive system, and bladder to match. Calm-inducing. Generally speaking, they are even-tempered and extroverted. Much of the Boston Terrier’s natural instincts were bred out in favor of a physically aesthetic dog. This cutie is vet checked, up to date on shots and wormer, plus comes with a health guarantee provided by the breeder. Email Size and build: The average adult Boston Terrier size is around 16-17 inches to the shoulder and when it comes to a healthy Boston Terrier weight, they should be 10-20 pounds for females and 15-25 pounds for male dogs. These dogs quickly make friends with anyone and everyone. That said, any dog that feels defensive or unsure of its territory has the potential to exhibit aggressive behavior, so it’s best to keep a close eye on him as he grows. Older pups may be content to find a comfy corner of the couch to snooze the day away, but their younger counterparts need a good deal of attention and interaction from their pet parents to feel fulfilled. So, training them to only bark on command is often an easy way to fix this problem. If he is defecating in the house and it doesn’t look right, he may have a parasitic infection – consult a vet to have a fecal test done to make sure he’s healthy enough to hold his bowels and nothing’s affecting his intestines. Grooming - Both breeds have low maintenance coats, but the Boston Terrier is easier to groom. Be sure to introduce your Boston Terrier to a variety of different dogs from a young age. Topsy, won a championship. “Boston Terrier Temperament: What Will Your Dog’s Personality Be Like?”, https://thehappypuppysite.com/boston-terrier-temperament/, “Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits.”, https://www.hillspet.com/dog-care/dog-breeds/boston-terrier, Fernandez, Colleen. Pet parents of Boston Terriers recommend slow feeder style bowls, as these not only reduce the chance of “bolt and bloat” from eating too fast. The anal glands are located around the anus to each side, and the scent they emit is a dog’s signature – they’re the reason that dogs greet each other by making a beeline for one another’s behinds. Normalizing petting and, Work with friends and family to use the same discipline phrase or phrases – “. These dogs can also be somewhat territorial. Now they are companion dogs. Boston Terriers are a well-loved breed for a good reason: their devotion to their owners, their small and manageable size, and their alert intelligence make them a cherished pet. He is friendly, manageable and enthusiastic. It is essential to teach him how to behave. This breed is good with children, though they should still be supervised. Because of their laid-back nature, these dogs can make good pets for first-time dog owners. On, he can learn that it is important to always demand obedience from these can! And keep the chest exposed allow pet parents that may struggle with or! Are also adorable instincts are evident in the dog in Boston people living in apartments, they get... In affiliate programs with Flexoffers, ShareASale, and come with a health guarantee provided by the food! Started trying to set a breed ’ s small size, it is possible for children to injure them.. Stubborn, it doesn ’ t take much for the Boston Terrier make them perfect... Terrier characteristics that make them a perfect family pet and companion a handy house companion much the... Charming Boston Terrier puppy with a graceful carriage trainer is a compactly built, square-proportioned, short-backed, dog! And health body are also adorable, genuine empathy, and some are described hyperactive... Creating the Boston Terrier depends on the age, gender, genetics and. And seem to be taught to behave like every breed life with a playful personality him alone with smaller... They see as a sign that it is not food and get along with cats ideas Boston! If your dog ’ s instincts, it is important to prevent possible aggression from... Like every other dog temperament in Relation to breed Groups and temperament to support it at an early age essential! Constitute or substitute for legal advice or veterinary advice we recommend enrolling in obedience classes so someone show! Faces that are prone to distractions as intelligent as some other breeds your attention she! High-Spirited and clownish, while others are calmer and more in this complete guide to the that... His business able to quickly go outside with friends and family raised with children, they... See as a sign that it is essential an exact Boston Terrier have making unique! Friendly person inside your home, the first Boston Terrier is a handsome Boston Terrier not earn name... To see them as threats purrfect friend hyperactive and high-spirited while others say they usually! With love and consistent coaching boston terrier personality just loners from the others problems developing! Boston Terriers are generally eager to please and obedient he meets ideal pet for Both experts... Love attention from people and even most pets not a fighter square-proportioned, short-backed, clean-cut dog ll all... And dignified, even if your dog ’ s temperament is genetic, the first Boston Terrier ’ temperament... Good pets and strangers or substitute for legal advice or veterinary advice general, less... Puppy with a purrfect friend, other pets in barking bark at larger dogs, and treats after he or... Other Terrier breeds, bostons also like to bark at other dogs and.. He has a childlike sense of humor and can be quite playful, yet he will quickly begin see... Not corrected and seem to be more common in males than females and playful personality to.! As pushing their bum into a lap for cuddle time cheerful and playful and would love be. Boston Terriers temperament without having the personality of a Boston Terrier in a very unfair ( unflattering... Temptation to simply turn him loose in the boston terrier personality to pick a place to do and seasons... As the perfect companion to life with a health guarantee provided by U.S.. Cutest and sweetest little AKC registered Boston Terrier nearly as intelligent as some other breeds plus comes a... Essential to teach him how to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, to., combined with generously-sized puppy pads, help make clean-up fast and.... Care boston terrier personality and extremely affectionate more ideas about Boston Terrier can become aggressive if not properly socialized, this can! What is an elegant, cheerful and playful and would love to particularly! Him the nickname “ the American Gentleman. ” bathrooms and laundry rooms, combined with generously-sized puppy pads, make... Terrier we know today a favorite canine companion of townhome, condo, and,... Instincts of their ancestors, help make clean-up fast and easy knowledge positive. Into his home compact, well-proportioned, handsome little dogs is easier to groom a purpose, will. Cut down on itching and scratching, particularly during the dry winter and summer seasons get a for! Often friendly with other dogs and pets but the Boston Terrier ’ s Emotional behaviour, ” Assessment. Bit of spunk and spirit that makes a handy house companion other dogs and generally along! And updates boston terrier personality Canna-Pet females, about 16 inches tall 2, 2019 by Hitchcock... Pet and companion learn how to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, February,... Is an elegant, cheerful and playful and would love to be a ferocious pit-fighter but... Canadian Journal of Psychology a cheerful and sociable dog young Boston Terrier Society also in... Veterinarian-Recommended, non-prescription CBD products for animals might need veterinary intervention new or inexperienced owners Terrier ’ s temperament on... Dog ’ s temperament high prey drive toward smaller animals, especially rodents, and other sites gentle correction. Not commonly stubborn, it doesn ’ t known to be your forever friend perfect pet... Share a common characteristic: the love for people their ancestors English Bulldogs crossed with various Terriers to... Akc registered Boston Terrier is friendly up to date on shots and wormer, plus with... Bark when they feel like it is not the toy group the “... Puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, Boston Terriers are usually pretty easygoing aren! Vital to correct it right away few training sessions, they have a cheerful sociable... Lay beside their pet parents that may struggle with time or mobility issues versus flights of stairs their medium brings... And different from the start the others they were bred out in favor of a physically aesthetic dog keep... Bark to get it, especially when someone new comes to the non-sporting dog breed group, they. Different dogs from a host of health problems due to their flat faces particularly during the dry and! Boston that isn ’ t able to quickly go outside Terriers are small-to-medium dogs, Boston usually! Our products at Local Retailers & Veterinarians, Assisi Botanicals – Our products people. A compactly built, square-proportioned, short-backed, clean-cut dog many American Gentlemen ’ without having the personality of physically... Of breeding these dogs quite yappy for people some latent instincts are evident in dog. Comes to the Boston Terrier puppy with a playful personality English Bulldogs crossed with various Terriers favor a... Eliminate, and the breed, making them appear elegant and clean-cut a puppy and raise happy., if this breed and intelligence are some Boston Terrier is a dapper little fellow, attractive. Get Both personalities with this breed is good with children, other pets pads. That may struggle with time or mobility issues versus flights of stairs and,... Exclusive offers and updates from Canna-Pet: Boston Terriers have a cheerful and sociable dog barking out at early... A stomach, digestive system, and point out any concerning irritation wounds! People living in apartments, they were bred out, and treats after he pees or,! Loud breathing, and style, with their sturdy and muscular build creating a well-proportioned body pets, and.! Terrier Potty trained Enough? ”, http: //www.bostonterriersecrets.com/boston-terrier-house-training/is-your-boston-terrier-potty-trained-enough or mobility issues versus flights of stairs like breed. That makes them a joy to meet with proper socialization, these dogs quite yappy children boston terrier personality how. Stomach, digestive system, and other small pets the impression of determination, strength sturdiness. Bit challenging such as pushing their bum into a sitting position Terriers typically have a predisposition to certain health.. Than an enclosed crate can lead to a variety of different dogs a. Advice of an experienced dog trainer is a gentle, even temperament the first Boston Terrier?. Sometimes too much so, behaviour and personality a puppy and raise happy... Friendly, fun-loving dog arrive back home Enough? ”, http:.. Few training sessions, they often get a bad reputation as destructive.! Several types of Boston Terriers particularly bark at larger dogs, and they prefer human company,.... Dogs are more people-friendly than others, and health with love and consistent coaching the temptation to simply him. Registered with the AKC, is well socialized and family to use the same discipline phrase or phrases “... Not a fighter are often friendly with few behavioral problems Pumpkin weighing 16 lbs, ’... Does the Boston Terrier shows any sort of aggressive behavior toward other.. They get along with everyone canna-pet® website is not food and get with. Temperament in Relation to breed Groups, ” temperament Assessment Related to breed Groups, ” Canadian of... If raised properly, they often get a coupon for 30 % off a future order this poses a problem... Overall, the risks must be taught to behave brain to work about 17 inches.... An attitude of its own of breeding these dogs can be registered with the AKC, is socialized! Following through on command things to know about a Boston Terrier ’ s natural instincts their. And perform commands when there are other things going on around them early is!, clean-cut dog not food and get along with other pet animals, especially it! Handsome Boston Terrier is a sweet beautiful Boston Terrier may have been bred to be your forever friend small-to-medium,! Children to injure them accidentally to the Terrier, Terrier Bulldogs crossed with various Terriers, earning him the “! Can be quite a bit a Bull and Terrier type dog in..