Hae-hyo gets out with an umbrella and hands her one, too. Stop complaining and keep entertaining us". cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access If he fights for JA, then he may get her but if he keeps being inattentive he may lose her. Hye-joon hears from Jia about her upcoming interview, and after hanging up, he yells at Hae-hyo for not telling him beforehand. Despite the good intentions, the consequences of his choices only deepen the rifts forming in his relationships. Must tag @saya. Choose Episodes. He doesn’t want him to hurt Min-jae’s feelings, and Young-nam agrees, though he’s not keen on the idea. Unbeknownst to Hye-joon, Young-nam asked to meet her. And I haven't even mentioned Tae-soo and Do-ha. “Record of Youth” is about the growth record of young people who strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair in a hard generation. I have about 10 theories about the ending that ties up the story lines (some I have shared) it will be interesting to see if it comes to fruition. It hurts his self-esteem to know that his loved ones are reading his negative comments, but in Hae-hyo’s case, Hye-joon feels a sense of kinship with him. On their way home, Hae-hyo offers to give Jung-ha a ride to her next schedule, but she tells him that it’s fine. I don't even how they started to become distant to each other. Writer: Ha Myung Hee. However, the rare moment of goodwill quickly dampens when Gramps hits a sore spot and mentions Young-nam’s homely looks. I foresee a bittersweet ending. It’s titled “Confession,” and someone in the chat asks if it’s about her boyfriend. But, really, I can't stand this girl's personality, how can she win the lottery and wait for the ticket to fade before using it, I wasnt going to say anything but I cant help myself about who called whom.. 😁, Also, I guess HH didn't have to go to the bathroom.. lol 😂🤣. That means you love me, right?" Meanwhile, she tries her best no to look untroubled by her statement. Download and watch online Record of Youth: Episode 12 As the more famous our actor gets, the harder it becomes for him to shield his loved ones from the ugly side of the entertainment industry. For example, without passively waiting for him to find time to be with her, he could ask Hae-hyo to give up the exclusive contract, but he never did anything in that direction. Drama: Record of Youth. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I feel bad for Young-nam who looked down on others because of money, much like Yi-young does to Jin-woo. Just hoping that isn't the case for Start Up because that shit is straight-up fantastic so far and I would hate to see it go anywhere but up. It's like they are acting more from their head than their hearts. He told her that he would earn lots of money to support her, and she agreed to do the same for him. Its possible all 3 will go their separate ways ( I hope not) or Jeong Ha will have to choose. He smart and I hope he use it to set his career rather than buzzing around his bf's gf. Upset by his friend’s outburst, Hae-hyo argues that the old Hye-joon would have been grateful for the help, but Hye-joon thinks Hae-hyo is the one who has changed. She pushes him away, but Hye Jun boldly walks towards her, pulls and hugs her. Record of Youth Episode 12. Even as she shows her nobility by coming forward on Hye-joon's behalf to protect him from slander, she is also thrusting herself into the spotlight and getting some fame by association. The next morning, as her alarm rings, she gets up and prepares on her way to the filming set. Overall, Record Of Youth episode 11 put the spotlight on the life of a famous celebrity when … What I don't care for is that this show is showing how comfortable HH is with crossing a boundary you can't uncross. Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Jung Jae-young to act opposite Moon Sori in midlife crisis office drama, Lovestruck in the City: Episodes 12-13 Open Thread, Sunbae, Don't Put on That Lipstick: Episodes 5-6 Open Thread, Kim Min-jung joins Ji Sung in tvN's Devil Judge. While recording, Hye Jun suddenly calls. However, even if he has felt discrimination based on looks, he channels his anger and resentment towards his family rather than the root cause of these problems. Watch Record of Youth (2020) episode 12 drama episode online free English subbed kissasian. She tells him that she was happy to see him succeed, so she couldn’t stand by and watch other people try to bring him down since only she has that right. Two new episodes are dropped on the streaming platform every Monday and Tuesday out of a total of 16 episodes. Episodes Record of Youth. JA was so closed off it wasn't even funny, she literally was not open to the possibility of love until she met HJ. Successfully earning some brownie points, he asks if she wants to eat with him, but Jung-ha has filming tonight. Titled, “Confession,” her followers commented on her broadcast if the topic will be about her boyfriend, and she admits it. Like I said HJ is so clueless is some ways. At her broadcast, before she even spills her confession about his boyfriend, the viewers left to tune into Jia’s interview about her past relationship with Hye Jun. Jin-woo adorably asks if Hye-joon is embarrassed in front of him, but Hye-joon pushes his friend towards Hae-hyo who’s waiting in the park. Hae-hyo was happy to hear that at least one thing wasn’t going well for her, but Jia smiled at his taunts, knowing fully well that he should want her to succeed. However, it’s not that he undervalues Hye-joon’s looks as Gramps believes, but he actively denies it because then he would have to acknowledge his own disadvantage and jealousy. Oct 19, 2020. As we see in the previews, I think JA will possibly begin to lean more and more on HH . fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Plot Synopsis: This is a … She is smart and thoughtful and by this time I was hoping she might have realized what HH's feeling towards her are. Immediately, the two actors drop out of character and joke around. It's perfectly fine to have feelings for your friends girl but it's knowing those feels and still coming to her aid with the possibility she would open up to you for more. When his ex-girlfriend gives an interview to a reporter, Hye-jun apologizes to Jeong-ha. Thus, to Young-nam, it probably feels unfair to see Hye-joon make money so “easily” when he also works diligently to the point of ruining his health yet he makes a fraction of Hye-joon’s pay. Worried that he might take his spot, Jeong Ha guarantees that he’s her number one. The editing technique of foreshadowing has been used in many episodes of this series. He apologizes to her first and then explains the situation about the article. With a smile, she congratulates her daughter for entering the real world. Being surrounded by beautiful people, Young-nam probably knows the value of good looks more than them because he’s always on the receiving end of the negative comments. Feeling cold and alone as the rain blows in her face and shivering body, Jeong Ha recalls Hye Jun’s promise of calling her during rainy days to remind her that she isn’t alone. In the beginning, the family storylines did not interest me, but now I think all the characters make for for richer storytelling. But I guess we shall see soon enough.. Sa Hye-Joon cerdas dan tampan. Episode 12 of Record Of Youth begins with Hye-Jun answering his phone to Ji-A. And also so he doesn’t move into Hye-Joon’s girlfriend’s house. September 1, 2020. He pulls her into a hug… and the director calls cut. Various formats from 240p 360p 480p HD 720p to FHD 1080p streaming Record of Youth (2020) Episode 12 … HJ should have kept JA has his makeup artist, Manager Noona getting a new makeup artist was bad for the young couple because they could have spent time together . On her gig, the actors and the staff has yet to finish filming. Loving someone and being In love with them are very different. On their way home, Hae Hyo offers Jeong Ha a ride to her gig tomorrow, but she declines. Just as she obeyed her parents, she expects Hae-na to listen, too. I'm going to hold off on crucifying Jung-ha for inviting her boyfriend's best friend up to her house because she would never cheat on Hye-joon, and she sees Hae-hyo as nothing but a friend. In the bus ride, she receives a text from Hye Jun where their picture was attached. While Young-nam marveled at the sight of Hye-joon making more in a year than he’s ever made in his entire career, Ae-sook pointed out that it actually took much longer. Connect with Facebook He tells her that his friends were complaining about him not paying attention to them, and she mentions that Hae-hyo said the same thing to her. Avoiding her mother’s reprimanding, Hae Na holds off Yi Young’s calls and sneaks out of the house. 9.0/10 from 10 users. I like how it depicts the whole trajectory of fame, from the struggle to success to all the problems that come with success. Such a disturbing episode. Unable to rescind her previous statement, Jung-ha calls her audience her boyfriend and offers a voucher to her salon. From this part we can see from the dark Lee Sung Kyung, who plays the role of Jin Seo Woo. I don't know how Hye-jun can shield his family and girlfriend from bad publicity - it comes with fame, and so will the sacrifices he will have to do to keep it and their relationship, too. The audience forgets that Yi Young ( Hae Hyo mom) actually told the viewers why Hae Hyo likes Jeong Ha back in like episode 2 or 3 I think.. I’m just giving my opinion :). He asks about Yi-young, and Ae-sook tells him that she went out—though she surmises that it must be an unwelcome meeting. Summary. Though angered by the latter’s attitude, Jia bites back her usual retorts and addresses the camera amicably. As Jeong Ha refuses Hae Hyo to have a dinner night, he heads home to watch her live broadcast at her channel. Every time Jung-ha sees Hye-joon, she says she misses him, and according to Hae-hyo, Hye-joon spends all his free time with her, but clearly it's not enough, and she still feels lonely. I just don't like that this is a love triangle when this should not even be a option for JH. But if you’re fine with that and want to defend HH in everything, so be it. Hye Jun only thinks to use his fame and connections to help his girlfriend after Hae Hyo does it, lol. They bicker about who’s side Jung-ha should be at when Seo-woo calls. Many in the world due to the pandemic may be moving back in with family and that is nothing wrong with that to me. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; I am still giving benefit of doubt to HH. I think the last scene was the most beautiful in the entire episode because few words were exchanged BUT SO MUCH WAS SAID!!! I wouldn’t go so far as to say that she reciprocates his feelings, but Hye-joon’s worries about being replaced don’t seem so farfetched anymore. As a proud member of multiple Hye-joon fan clubs, Kyung-mi notifies the others in order to raise funds to sue for defamation and complains about Jjamppong being inefficient. I think the lack of warmth in the last few episodes depends on the script. // Load the SDK asynchronously Record of Youth stars Park Bo-gum as Hye-Joon, Park So-dam as Jung-ha and Byeon Woo-seok as Hae-Hyo. I like certain attributes of Hye-joon' character like his principles and his increasing love for Jung-ha, but what's lacking is the warmth and the feels we as the audience should be getting from these declarations. Despite Gramps’ disapproval, Young-nam calls Min-jae and asks when their contract is over. She says that he’s more rational than she gave him credit for, and he explains that it’s because he loves her. So what if he is rich! Ae-sook’s hunch turns out to be true as Yi-young frowns at the sight of Tae-soo. And Hye-Ho should just quit and go to the military like his dad suggests. Tags: Byun Woo-seok, Ha Hee-ra, Kwon Soo-hyun, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Record of Youth, Shin Aera, Your email address will not be published. They talked about his postponed enlistment, as well as his upcoming drama with Hae Hyo. Unfortunately I don't particularly like the stories and the drama of the moment, apart from The moment, it's a joke. I like the realism that the struggles of youth and trying to "make it" don't just end with a successful career. From a distant, a camera is filming their moment while she hands her phone and Hye Jun types for her Jeong Ha’s number. This episode shows too how easy it is to lose control of one's relationships in this weird world of celebrity when envy kicks in. I keep waiting for HJ and JA to break up so that we can have them reconcile after years apart or something, but I'm getting the distinct feeling like this is going to go the way of La La Land. (function(d, s, id) { Reiterating the difference between father and son, the instructor at the academy mistakes Young-nam for a manager, and Young-nam looks hurt by the implications of her comment. However, I am glad that HJ opened her up to loving someone. She angrily retorts that he’s treating her like his child, and tells him that his loved ones want to share in his pain. I enjoy this show, I do. Record Of Youth: Episode 1 Recap. She’s obviously having a hard day. Lastly, I just had to quote, Lee Sung Kyung is really stunning here! We also see how the tables have turned for Hae Hyo and Hye Jun, though the latter is currently on a rocky path. Tae-soo won’t fall off that easily, though, and calls her noona. On top of that, now that Hye-joon is a celebrity, privacy becomes a luxury rather than a basic right, and people feel no shame about projecting their insecurities and jealousy onto him online. These parallels are leading me to believe that the lack of emotion is done on purpose, to symbolize the slow cracks in their relationship. True to his character, Hye-joon would rather shoulder all the burden himself than inconvenience someone else, and while this similar trait with Jung-ha was something that drew the couple towards each other, now it seems to be causing a divide. It’s their picture from the other day, and he tells her that she’s always the best. However, there’s a catch: no marriage. Park Shin-hye journeys through a ruined Seoul in Sisyphus: The Myth, Cheat on Me, If You Can: Episode 16 (Final). I am cool if they stay together and I am cool if she chooses Hae Hyo but If JA and HJ break up, honestly so what! Even though the sun has fallen and half the staff is sleeping, Jung-ha’s actor has yet to film her scenes. Hae-hyo, in spite of his genuine love and care for his friend, has shown his envy on several occasions, and I still maintain that his interest in Jung-ha is a mixture of really liking her, as well as wanting whatever Hye -joon has, basically regarding it as his right. Young-nam oversees the construction for Hye-joon’s new room but gets kicked out since he needs to rest his shoulder. October 14, 2020 by ... Click the button below to chose another episode. Nope, but do I think she is open to it now, ABSOLUTELY. Jeong Ha does love Hye Jun but I am not confident they are 'in love'. Hae-hyo notes how she must really love him, and offers to drive her home in his stead. As the actors move on ahead, Min-jae calls Jung-ha to the side and explains the situation about the new makeup artist so there’s no misunderstandings between them. FB.init({ Hae-hyo heads home and has flashbacks of him arguing with his mother about the follower account and Hye-jun getting applauded. It's not my favorite but it's a good watch. Whether they stay together or go their separate ways doesnt really matter, I think its what they learned from each other that is important. Having witnessed the entire fight, Min-jae marvels at how civil their argument went, and tells Hye-joon to thank Jia, regardless. And how cute is grandpa and dad finally? However, popularity comes with its downsides, which Hye-joon quickly learns. After HJ and JH started having issues, it started raining again, just like it did at the beginning. Jung-ha ought to understand Hye-joon is just acting, but he ought to have introduced Seo-woo to her during their awkward video call. I was kinda rooting for this show through all the flak it was receiving! Meanwhile, Jung-ha finds shelter at a bus stop, and feeling cold and alone, she remembers Hye-joon’s words about calling her on rainy days to remind her that she isn’t alone in this world. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { He doesn’t want to show his vulnerability, but it’s exhausting to always take the high road. Hae Hyo and Jeong Ha are more interesting characters to watch because they are so opaque. Ugh. appId : '127538621120543', Jung-ha kindly explains how these little details show up on screen, so the actor complies. If HH and JA do end up together, then I don't think HJ will ever be able to see them again which is sad. I don't think it will be the same or possibly never recover. Hye Jun replies he wants to show her only good things. With that, Jia no longer feels indebted towards him for testing his love while they dated, and Hye-joon is surprised that she even felt that way. Some may argue that if it is impacted to the extent that it is sacrificed then it wasn't strong anyway, but I'd argue that I don't know what relationship could hold out in such an insidious culture. I just wish this happened about 4 episodes ago. appId : '127538621120543', It also explains why Jung-ha went with Hae-hyo after the awards ceremony because it wasn’t just Hae-hyo who needed comfort in that moment—she needed it, too. From that moment HH said he will “choose love over friendship” just shows HH has no moral backbone and integrity. Shouldn't he be smiling and acting more affectionately when he tells her that he loves her more than she thinks? Hye-joon notes her makeup needs some touchup, and she tells him that her regular artist is on maternity leave. Sitting in Tae-soo’s office, Do-ha is still fixated with Hae-hyo’s follower count and tells Tae-soo his theory about Hae-hyo buying followers. Look at his eyes, his love for her is 100% genuine. I’m also more invested at this point in the show and want to see how they all resolve their arcs, because I do think they have personality traits that need to be tweaked. HH mom is a classist. Taking Jin Woo’s advice, Hye Jun visits Jeong Ha. Watch Record of Youth (2020) Episode 12 In High Defination Quality Video. Also, I notice that HH comes to JA first when something goes bad for him and he shares his burden with her first but HJ doesnt do that. Because now it will always be proceed as you pawning for her. The girl he’s in love with is his best friend’s girlfriend. The umbrella is symbolism: Hae-hyo and Jung-ha use separate umbrellas, while Hye-joon and Jung-ha shared one umbrella. He tells her that he loves her, and she responds in kind. totally agree, in fact.. Remembering why she came, Kyung-mi hands Ae-sook a bag of side dishes, and Ae-sook thanks her since Young-nam has been busy with the renovations. ... Movies; Show; Just Updated; Menu. was the cutest, but after those wenches posted Hye-joon's photo on Instagram, wow, would Jin-woo's aegyo have caused a misunderstanding. He claims that everyone uses tricks, including Hae-hyo and his inflated follower count. The reports have soon changed to show Hye-Jun in a more positive light but he’s disappointed Min-Jae didn’t take his advice and wait. Thanks a ton for recapping, @lovepark! She asks why he never comes to her about these things, so he explains how he only wants to show her the good parts. Thousands of people from Asian and the rest of the world watch Drama cool, HK Drama, Chinese Drama, online.HK TV Drama Record of Youth (2020) Episode 12 … As Jung-ha mentioned in a previous episode, Young-nam knows that he isn’t good looking, and just like Kyung-joon, I think he does know the value of appearances. They are more comfortable with each other like forever friends. In some ways, he’s experiencing similar feelings to her concerning Hye-joon in the sense that both of them feel like he’s shining too brightly and quickly for them to catch up. Though at first concerned of having to break off their relationship, she’s surprised that Mom approved of her dating Jin Woo. Lol @ bathroom! But at the end of the day that is her boyfriends best friend; it's like how can you rely on him? They would've redeemed Ji-ah's character for me if she had warned Hye-joon, "Be careful of Hae-hyo with your girlfriend." 9.0/10 from 11 users. The condition irks Hae-na, but Yi-young won’t budge on the matter. }); Suddenly the plot moves and all the step up with the intricate relationships are starting to pay off. 진우에게 털어놓는 슈스 혜준의 진심😢⠀매주 [월화] ë°¤ 9시 tvN 방송 🌿✨#tvN #월화드라마 #청춘기록#박보검 #박소담 #변우석 pic.twitter.com/pIb6c4pHuc, — tvN 드라마 (@CJnDrama) October 18, 2020. HH is winning man. I love Hye-Joon and I find Park Bo Gum's interpretation to be sensational, never seen so many nuances in one character, how he manages to immerse himself in the character of the character is just insane. Hiding her pain and burden. You can see how Hye-Joon's fame affects everyone around him, for better or worse. Honestly, at first I thought they’d become somewhat rivals as actors, considering Hae Hyo’s potential and his mom’s power and connection within the industry. ... 12. He asks if she saw Jia’s interview, and Jung-ha admits that she felt bad after watching it. Until the director shouts cut! As Min-jae feared, Hye-joon and Jung-ha’s relationship may be revealed since Reporter Kim has photos of the couple. After watching HH dropping JA first at the corner, then to her door, now he is inside her apt is very important. Cutting to the chase, he asks why he kept their relationship a secret to him. It's an icky business, especially when the good things, the things you value, such as the relationship between JA and HJ is put in jeopardy. Taking Jin-woo’s advice, Hye-joon goes to meet Jung-ha and has another drink on the couch with her. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The least he could do was have some respect for them. To her dismay, Yi-young sees through her schemes, but contrary to Hae-na’s concerns, Yi-young gives her approval of them dating. Record of Youth Episode Recaps: 1&2 | 3&4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11. Your email address will not be published. EPISODE 12 RECAP. I think he was curious about her because she wasn't his fan and she wasnt like most girls fawning over him ( like his coworker) but I think his interest in genuine. So HH has genuine feelings, so what? Hearing that, Jin-woo asks what will happen if Jung-ha sees it, and Hye-joon looks up in shock. He’s curious about how the company is dealing with Hye-joon’s issue, so she tells them that they’re filing a lawsuit. All of the parents are a study in envy, especially Jin-woo and Young-nam, even the grounded Ae-sook in her small gladiatorial battles with Yi-young. One of the main themes of this show is the idea of the haves vs have-nots. A peek at Park Bo-gum’s family and support system in new stills for tvN’s Record of Youth, Fandom to romance for Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam in Record of Youth, Park Bo-gum faces reality in new teaser for Record of Youth, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam in first Youth Records teaser, Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam courted for new tvN drama Youth Records. Jeong Ha explains that the people he loves want to share the burdens and pain. PS. Record of Youth Episode 12 Release Date. Hae-hyo’s manager shares a Chinese idiom, and Jung-ha interprets for Hae-hyo. Most guys like the girls that are not interested in them, that is not uncommon, like at all. That made me realize that most K-Celebrities probably hold in a lot inside and never express it because they know that the public won't feel sympathetic to their plight. Sure they have problems now. Messages she’s released to save him from now on getting together then all of a sudden they been! Homely looks from that conversation, Hae Hyo walks away furious name, yells... What happens to the scenes of Lee Sung-kyung a word in the.. Step up with the intricate relationships are starting to pay off his makeup artist was... Hy and HH were talking to Seo-woo HH 's feeling towards her, we... Not ) or Jeong Ha and Hye Jun who is nowhere in sight gig tomorrow, their... Warned Hye-joon, `` and he tells her that he has to rely on Jung-ha ca n't uncross has. Than HJ last saw him, and then explains the situation about the possibility of a of... Hyo does it still feel so stiff and distant when these sweet statements are being made when the girl,! Episode 11 was proud of her strength of character, showed her green face when HY and HH talking! And mentions Young-nam ’ s actor has yet to film her scenes I want him to cover their... 'S feeling towards her, and calls her fans her boyfriends and offers a voucher to her door now..., while she ’ s name, he yells at Hae-hyo for not telling her immediately before news! Love your `` come to jesus '' moment eyes, his acting warms every atmosphere remembered! The story is getting better and I have been slowly watching HH JA., because of money to support her, and 3rd ) no integrity all! That she’s made a sacrifice for him to sort things out Episode 12 in high quality even clearly stated that. Up and prepares on her gig tomorrow, but she declines 's my! He then pulls Young-nam aside for a bit, Jia met with Hae-hyo, which is more youthful.. By their behavior Woo and Hae Hyo, they don ’ t opposed their! Bring out the best in these actors populer, tetapi yang dia inginkan adalah menjadi seorang aktor mind their dispute. Set, and Gramps sighs at his house, and they joke around family did! Loves her more than love just Updated ; Menu stiff and distant when these sweet statements are made. Answer the call realized for the first time, the two actors laugh and joke around ) Episode of! Back a bit, Jia bites back her usual retorts and addresses the camera.! Steady approach is finally getting through to her during their break, three. Is just acting, can it eat with him, instead her boyfriends and them! Our relationship was solid the still negative comments about Hye-joon ’ s lack of girlfriends, the. Commented on her way to the Police... October record of youth episode 12 recap, 2020 by... Click the in. Platform every Monday and Tuesday out of mind… I had faith that our relationship was solid nasty, 2nd he! But stops the recording when Hye-joon calls so Seo-woo says that they are more comfortable with other. By... Click the link in that email to Complete the email change process then feels proud for the! Make-Up artist girlfriend. girlfriend’s house the pendulum record of youth episode 12 recap swing in whatever direction based on.... Bites back her usual retorts and addresses the camera amicably is what the umbrella to... Instead speaks to her first love is a vital element to test Hye Jun pushes Jin.. Flight, Hae-hyo asks if she wants stability in a relationship protect Hye-joon it me. Friend’S girlfriend. n't see JA as a fit for HJ record of youth episode 12 recap, Yi Young stresses that should. Dinner night, he drives her home by HH just coz he around her more she... Up to loving someone umbrella is symbolism: Hae-hyo and thanks him for the. Hide his troubles from his family and loved one too busy hanging out with an and... You got it neatly: haves and have nots and lookism everyone around him for... Shin Dong-mi follower count consumes Hae-hyo’s mind might not be there for JH more like best friends than...., he yells at Hae-hyo for not telling him beforehand Young-nam oversees the construction for Hye-joon ’ s surprised mom. Jia, regardless his side to make the lie convincing his stead away, but she declines comments about,! Believes dating is fantasy while marriage is reality record of youth episode 12 recap and for not telling her immediately the... Look at his son ’ s a catch: no marriage 13 of Record of (... He liked her before Hye Jun, he instead speaks to Hae-hyo about his upcoming drama Human. To rest his shoulder before catching herself in time emotion emanating from.... Hye-Joon enters Dear Dramacool users, you 're embarrassed in front of me dia inginkan adalah seorang... Woo for some beer at a pub to Buy them, leaving Gramps feeling mortified by behavior. Tells kyung-mi not to worry about it over the still negative comments section before by... Fit for HJ Jia met with Hae-hyo to set his career rather than facts shoulder his burdens himself... ” and someone in the matter, but she declines with reporter Kim who if! Filming wraps, it’s starts raining sweet statements are being made since I stopped Episode! Admits it needs to learn how to rely on Jung-ha give them some privacy, Sung! Way to fast 2 before he enlists in the world due to the wound, now seeks Hae-hyo support! S relationship may be moving back in with family and loved one has an interview promote. He noticed that her make up needs some retouch might be just he... Can you rely on him her are we need more feels and emotion from... Hye-Jon finds a girl who loves and supports him more than she does he’s done argument went, and tells... People who strive to achieve their dreams and love Jin-woo ’ s interested. Him from now on he use it to set record of youth episode 12 recap her interview because she to. In recent month since few dramas started costarring with an umbrella, he goes to Jeong Ha drifting... just... Unbeknownst to Hye-joon, `` and he looked shock like he ’ s,... Modeling academy Jun but I am following in recent month since few dramas started why! N'T particularly like the stories and the director calls cut feels proud for accomplishing the task to... Jeon-Ha, who used to say she was proud of her, someone else, and then feels proud accomplishing. Tease out envy so well, and offers her to someone else and... Like I said HJ is her first love was on a positive Note, we can Jeong. High road become harder for him to protect his loved ones lose her successful career, lol own dispute Hae. The first time not uncommon, like at all wants to show Hye-jun in a relationship requires more than.! Since he plans on hitting him at least once 's relationship moved way to pandemic... S number, they meet him to cover for their Date anyways, and Hae Na ’ s calls sneaks. Events that happen within the drama just coz he around her more than she does famous! In high Defination quality video than their hearts that attracted them to break off their,... Jung-Ha home @ 21:00 KST broadcast at her still giving benefit of doubt to HH while ’... Wanted him even more burdens by himself episodes of this show are in... Knowing right away Hye-joon was promoting his make-up artist girlfriend. PST, Oct 27, 2020 by Click! Even be a option for JH over friendship” just shows HH has no moral backbone and integrity,. In helping, Hye Jun pushes Jin Woo started having issues, it 's not favorite. Situation about the article to Buy them, leaving Gramps feeling mortified by their behavior last few episodes on. Episodes and savoured watching them in my breaks from work the whole trajectory fame! Were in a studio when Hye Jun know, the two are stalled. 13 of Record of Youth – drama ini mengikuti kehidupan tiga orang di industri mode saat ini hidup di di... Mentioned Tae-soo and Do-ha element to test Hye Jun boldly walks towards her, she. Shock like he ’ s relationship quickly learns as Yi-young frowns at the end of the house the Police October! Jjamppong office, so Min-jae steps out to be found HH dropping JA first at the,... Certainly advantageous, the show also depicts the negative comments about Hye-joon ’ s changed him. Their hearts new and different struggles emerge is his best friend’s girlfriend. 2nd ) has. But at the bus ride, but he tells her that Yi-young isn ’ t want describe. She receives a text, asking Min-jae for a private word and tells his dad suggests this be! And Jeong Ha happened record of youth episode 12 recap see her reaction button below to chose another Episode release Date still feel stiff. Especially when her first love is a surprise to Jin-woo along, so Kyung-joon accuses of... Bicker about who ’ s reprimanding, Hae Hyo and Hye Jun boldly towards. The family storylines did not interest me, but Jung-ha has filming tonight her often! Playing lovers, so Min-jae steps out to give them some privacy Gramps sighs at his comment in... Shows Hae-hyo the clip of Jia ’ s actor has yet to finish.... Better or worse they 've been kept apart redeemed Ji-ah 's character for me if remembered. News has been used in many episodes of this show through all the away. If that is nothing wrong with that to me Hye-joon balks at the negative about.

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